Princess Qajar With Mustache: Men Killed Themselves For Her Love!

Now beauty is one thing in the world that every woman in this world desire to have, beauty if a kind of magnificence that every lady simply needed to have. Almost certainly nowadays people are going under knifes, undergoing various kinds of risky and expensive surgeries to get that alluring and enchanting look. If somebody asked you what is the true definition of beauty? What would be your answer? Is moustache included in the definition of beauty? Certainly not in yours or mine definition. With that being said, let me tell you a story, story of Princess Qajar.

There was a princess who changed the entire meaning of looking beautiful. Rather than starving herself and attain the size zero, she picked to look full. Not only that, the princess had a ragged and fushed unibrow, likewise she had an unmistakable crystal clear mustache all over her face which at that point of time characterized as a sign of beauty.

Indeed, the woman we are discussing here is none other than – Princess Qajar herself. She was the beautiful daughter of the king of Persia, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar who was the ruler from 1848 to May 1896. The lord Naser al-Din Shah needed to change the generalizations contemplations, the stereotypes of women’s beauty. He didn’t believe that women had to be thin or look pale or have a smooth skin to truly look beautiful and to be attractive. He wanted to change the old ways of thinking, old definitions of beauty. Naser Al-Din Shah was considered as a standout amongst the most capable rulers who ruled for a long time on Iran around then. This king was a fan of beautiful ladies and he additionally had the biggest Harem around then

Well returning to the princess Qajar, she was declared as a symbol of beauty in Persia. Not only that, there were a large number of men who need to wed the princess and on the off-chance that you have faith in history that also believes the same. There were 13 young men who gave up their lives by committing suicide because the princess dismissed their offer of marriage.

Princess Qajar is a perfect example that tells you that you don’t have to follow what others are following, you don’t have to look like them, you don’t have to be defined by others. Beauty isn’t about how you look outside, it’s about how you feel from inside. It doesn’t depend upon what you wear, it depends on how you carry yourself, and how confident you are in your own skin.