5 Hard Signs You Should Make A Drastic Change In Your Life

There will come a moment in everyone’s life when we feel stuck or lost. There will be moments when we feel like we are not living like we should be living. And this is normal.

Most people will experience such moments for a brief period of time. These moments are natural, it’s a period for reevaluation and introspection, and most people go through them.

But some people get stuck in these periods. Instead of self introspection they strengthen the walls of their comfort zone, instead of embracing the unknown they hide from it.

This is where they really get stuck. Things around them start to change while they hold on tightly to their safe zone, life flows freely while they try to go against the tide.

Because the tide is stronger these people will start getting signs that what they hold onto is actually what keeps them stuck, and these signs can be hard.

But these signs are meant to open your eyes and make you realize that it’s time to unstuck and make a drastic change in your life.

5 Hard Signs You Should Change Your Life:

1. You are becoming more and more afraid.

Fear is a beneficial psychological program that keeps us safe from possible danger. But when fear grows, the liveliness of your spirit decreases.

Even though fear is a protective program, it’s meant to be an advisor, not a decision maker.

You are the one who should make the decisions because you know there are many other programs besides your fear, like joy.

But when we start resisting the unknown we let fear make most of our decisions, so it grows.

So when you start becoming more and more afraid this is your sign that you should face some of your fears, step into the unknown, and make a change.

2. You work hard but don’t see any progress.

Most people will not take this clue. They will keep working hard, and even harder even if there are no actual results.

This is because people, for some reason, believe that hard work equals more results. However, life will try to open your eyes by not giving any results.

Hard work doesn’t need to give results. Smart work is what gives results. But most people think that their hard work will be somehow rewarded. That’s selfish if you think about it.

Our psyche wants us to see this so it keeps us stuck. But we are stubborn and push ourselves more and more in a direction that we might even don’t want to go towards.

So when you are working hard and there is no progress, slow down, reevaluate, see the unnecessary work that you do and think how you can do it smarter.

3. You feel like you are wasting your time.

Each of us lives their own lifestyle routine. Some have implemented healthier habits and some not so healthy habits. But everyone have their own routine.

When this routine, no matter how full of healthy habits, starts to feel like it’s draining your energy, it means that you are neglecting the most important element, your happiness.

Health and success are really important, but if your lifestyle becomes a waste of your time, than what’s the point? Think about it.

The real key is not in creating a perfect lifestyle but in unfolding a lifestyle that’s perfect for you, and this starts from your center, what you love doing and what makes you happy.

So when everything starts to feel like it’s a waste of time, change your lifestyle, come to your center and unfold a lifestyle from there.

4. You can’t see a positive light in your life.

As humans we like to separate different areas of our life in categories. Relationships, work, family, fun, health, hobbies, we have many different categories.

We measure the good things and the bad things in all these areas. And there are always both sides in each area. However, some people start to see less of the good in all of them.

These people can’t find any positive light in their life in any area, and this is a strong sign that they’ve been ignoring their heart for too long.

The reality is that all these separated areas come from one center, you. And when this center is resisting change and not doing what it loves, this projects over these areas.

So when you can’t see a positive light in any area of your life it’s time to forget everything and do the one thing you always wanted to do but was too scared.

5. You feel like everything is against you.

These signs can come in many smaller forms and for most people it will seem like the world is against them.

They will think that people or the cosmos is against them and that these signs are just mocking their misery.

What they do not understand is that possibly, the cosmos is actually wanting for them to open their eyes, that these signs are a clue of how loved they are.

If anything, their own psyche is trying to capture their attention, and that’s a sign of how so many things are trying to work in your favor. The only one standing on your way is you.

So when you feel like everything is against you think about how can these things work in your favor, why would they want your attention, what you don’t see.