You’re about to meet a beautiful mama bear and her baby cub, who went venturing up a snowy mountain in the Magadan region of Russia.


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The mother tries to lead her cub to the top, but they reach a rocky patch that sends them both sliding down. Mom climbs her way back up and anxiously waits for her baby at the top of the ridge.

But the baby struggles. He continuously slips and slides down the mountain, while remaining determined to reach his nervous, pacing mother. (By this point, we viewers are almost as anxious as she is.)

Just when it seems they’ll finally make a connection and be reunited, the mama bear notices the drone — capturing the moments in vivid detail — flying closer to her cub. In the attempt to protect him, she reaches down with her heavy paws to grab him.

However, this only sends the baby back down the mountainside once again.

Watch what happens next below, and see why everyone is inspired by the strength and determination shown by this mother-baby duo.