Careful: You May Have to Confront With Unexpected Wild Guest While Going to ATM

There was a lot of chaos in ATM as a snake suddenly appeared in a bank ATM in Ghaziabad, India. As the snake entered the ATM, the guard closed the door from outside. What species was the snake could not be ascertained. However, the snake looks quite poisonous. People say that snake is of Cobra species. If a snake of this species bites someone, he can die within half an hour.

The snake imprisoned in the ATM kept moving around. People standing outside the ATM counter were surprised to see snakes in the ATM counter. No one was believing that there was a snake inside the ATM. The snake was about 6/7 feet long.

Watch the video:

No one was harmed, but the snake kept on moving from inside the ATM for a long time. It was walking on the floor and trying to enter the ATM machine. Many people standing outside the ATM were making videos of the snake. The snake was removed from the ATM after much effort. Later the wildlife guard team was informed about the snake in the.

There are reports of snake coming out in different parts of the country during the lockdown. Sometimes snake had entered someone’s house and in someone’s car. During the lockdown, such news are coming from different countries. It is common for snakes to get out of their bills in summer.