Next Time You See Hand Drier At A Washroom, Don’t Use It For Your Safety

hand drier

A wise man once said you can judge a public bathroom by their hand dryers. But as sleek as they look, those hand dryers might not be as hygienic as you think.

Using a public washroom and thinking that it is completely hygienic is the biggest mistake to make. But we are not talking about the restrooms, there is another element in the washroom that is no less than a bacteria machine spreading bacteria all over the washroom, yet we use it, again and again, thinking it to be quick, safe and a great life hack.

The hand dryer was popularised in 1948 by George Clemens and since then in almost all hotels, public restroom we find we find and make use of it .We think it to be safe and quick way to dry hand rather than using a paper towel. But, it is not!

Since hand dryer blows warm air at the speed of 300 miles per hour is very potent to blow the germs and bacteria all over the washroom!

Even if you are not using it and someone else is using it millions of germs can spread from it and encircle around you.

So next time when you see a paper towel and hand dryer please opt for paper towel and save yourself from the attack of germs. Also encourage others to do the same.