The shape of your forehead reveals your personality

Every human being is marked by distinctive and unique features that may well speak volumes about their character. You might have read about the shapes of your finger tips or your toes and how they define you. Moles to some extent have been regarded as a characteristic of a certain personality. The shape of your foreheads can well do the same if not more. If you want to know what your forehead says about you then read on.


1. Broad Forehead

Most people with broad foreheads feel they may look like aliens. You might have also found some with really large foreheads too. Not many people, especially women like having a large forehead but did you know that a broad forehead signifies high intelligence. It means you get work done promptly without dawdling. Women prefer hiding a large forehead under a fringe or a bigger volume of hair but be happy if you’re blessed with a large forehead because it also means you may be having intuitive qualities somewhat like sixth sense.

2. Straight Foreheads

If the shape of your forehead is straight it means you’re a person who is diligent in character, straightforward in nature and uncompromising. A person with a straight forehead will not compromise either on work or family and has a very frank nature. In short a straight forehead person says it like it is, without sugar coating words.

3. Narrow Forehead

A person with a narrow forehead is an introvert. This also signifies a bit of an emotional person whose heart rules over the head. Such people dislike being the center of social attention and lack rational judgement. Narrow forehead persons tend to be loners and avoid crowds.

4. Curved Forehead

Those with curved foreheads have a hairline that is curved too. This denotes exuberance and a vibrant character. These are the life of the party and everybody wants to create an impression with them. Typical rays of sunshine, narrow forehead people ooze positive vibrations and attract people with similar traits too. They even attract happiness, but the biggest problem is the negativity and jealousy they attract from those who envy them.

5. Sharp Forehead

Your wit and your words are as sharp as your forehead. Yes, those with sharp foreheads speak without consideration of someone’s feelings. Stubborn to the core, such people care little of their own actions even if their word might hurt others. Sharp forehead characters take what they want and will do anything to get it.

6. Mount Shaped Forehead

If you have noticed your forehead looking like mount Fujiyama then be glad! You are gifted and of course lucky. Mountain shaped foreheads are rare and they belong to those who are kind and gentle in nature. They are confident with their opinions but care little of being leaders.

7. M Shaped Forehead

Imagine having the shape of your forehead shaped with the letter M. It is typically formed by two arches and denotes a character with a heightened sense of imagination. An ‘M’ shaped forehead person always has his head up in the clouds and needs to be brought down to earth sometimes. Earth for such people is a boring place but the positive side of such persons is the excellent sense of creativity where they are liable to be in professions that require a great deal of creativity and artistry such as acting, writing, advertising and art.