Never Seen Before Footage Of 9/11 – What Just Hit The Pentagon?

The 9/11 attacks have left a deep black hole in American history with a hope that nothing like that will happen ever again. As much as it pains us all to remember these events, it seems that the more we analyze it the more suspicious these attacks become. Now, a series of never before seen footage of the attacks has started circling the web adding to the growing mystery that surrounds them.


One video shows a close up of the plane flying into the WTC and another is from the Pentagon, showing what appears to be a cruise missile flying into it. Both of the clips are incredible and shed a new light on the entire affair.

The video’s description says:

How does one remove three buildings in the heart of the busiest city in the world, particularly when two of them are due for the removal of asbestos, without clearing the entire city (something ‘no one’ could afford), when it NEEDS to be done, ASAP? If you know the answer, you may find the motives behind 9/11.

Here’s the controversial video, watch it before it gets removed for good: