Every human body is different from the other, unlike twins, but even in that case our body has a different marking that separates the identity. These markings can be in shape of moles, palm lines, forehead lines, neck lines, eye color, nail shape, etc.


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Back in ancient times, astrology scholars studied these marks and interpreted their analysis in terms of predictions, after years and years of research and data collection.

According to ancient scholars, person’s forehead lines are an easy way to predict their longevity. Forehead lines, textures and shade, all play significant role in determining, how long will you live.

So, before reading and interpreting your forehead lines, you are to moisturise your forehead area well. Now stand in front of the mirror, at a distance where you can clearly see your lines; now stretch your eyes towards your forehead.

There are basically three types of foreheads –  embossed forehead,  plain forehead and lower Head.

Identification of an Embossed forehead

It is a smooth and without blemishes, and the head is cocked slightly above normal, with clearly visible lines.

Identification of a Plain forehead

It is quite analogous to the head and face. The lines appear, but are quite difficult to analyse.

Identification of a Lower head

It is sunken slightly inwards and is often darker then the skin color, making the lines quite invisible ti study.

Below are given 7 probabilities associated with the forehead lines:

#1. 60- 65 years

Person with at least two dark and deep forehead lines live up to 60- 65 years. Deep and dark lines are also an indication towards person’s rich personality. The person will live up to enjoy fame and prosperity; if any or both lines are crooked or intercepted by any cut, it is a sign that the person may face a lot of struggle initially.

#2. 75 and beyond

A person, who has three strongly visibly lines is believed to live up to more than 75 years. He/she will enjoy a good journey.

#3. Lower head

If a person with lower head (sunken inwards) has light, but up to 4 lines, it is a sign of living up to 75 years.

#4. Plain head

An individual with up to 5 lines with a few cuts is an indication that he/she would enjoy a pretty healthy life and can go up to see an entire century, i.e. 100 years!

#5. Embossed and lower head

Up to 5 lines on an embossed or lower forehead, with clearly many cuts is not a good sign. The person is believed to have a shorted life.

#6. No visible lines

At times, a person can see absolutely no lines on their forehead and that is a sign that he/she will live up to 45-50 years and will suffer through a lot of problems in their life.

#7. Lines touching each other

If you have at least two lines seemingly touching each other at one point then it is a sign that the person will live up to 60 years, but will suffer through medical ailments.