Keep your soul, mind and body in perfect equilibrium and no disease can touch you.

Sound mind, healthy body and stable soul is what everyone aspire but also struggle a lot for. Here is how you can do that easily, with simple steps.

Waking up for late or working till late have adverse effects for our health, eyes, hair, emotional stability and hormones. If you follow a good sleeping routing then all these will be affected in positive way.
For a healthy mind and body it is very important to keep a healthy routine.
Sleep early and wake early.
Take good 6 hours of sleep and not more than 8 hours of sleep.

The best start if you can give to yourself is with meditation and yoga.
Meditation enhances your brain power, concentration, emotional quotient. It is very good for stress, anxiety and memory.

Breathing exercises in yoga increases the oxygen supply of your body which will cure your health related issues, make your body strong, fit and healthy. Oxygen is vital and is responsible for every action in your body, healing of every tissue, every disease, your beauty and fitness and its adequate supply always creates a problem and its abundance is always beneficial.
Stretching/ physical Exercises are amazing for your bones, joints, improves the flexibility of your body, improved blood supply and for perfect fitness.

We all need energy and that we get from food. The source of food is very important. Healthy food is key for good healthy and bad food leads to bad health. The breakfast must be heavy and healthy. Avoid junk food, Diet soda, over cooked or fried food as it is bad for your health. Avoid GMO food, prefer organic food.
Increase the quantity of fruits and vegetable in your diet, as much as you can.

Positivism and regular motivation are what keep us going towards our goal and focused. You can get motivation from anything, like motivational stories, speech, video, or your friends.
If there is anyone who demotivate you then just be dumb to what they say.
Remember the old saying:- “If you want to be successful then be dumb to what people say”