Greatest Myths about meat-eaters and Vegetarian!

[NOTE: We do not promote vegetarian of Non-Vegetarian lifestyle. This is just awareness]
Comparing our lifestyle with that of others and trying to prove that ours is best is a common trend we humans do.
Many people are non-vegetarian and then there are many those choose to be Vegetarian but there is always a series of myths, people think about non-vegetarian and vegetarian. You must also be having few myths, let’s clear them all for now.

*Vegetarian people may lack in vital nutrients and proteins!
There is no nutrient/protein which is only in meat and not in Vegetarian diet.
For example when suffering from hair issues, doctors often recommend fish since it have omega 3, which is very good for hair and health. But it is also in walnut, which is also the best source for omega 3.
Milk itself has multiple nutrients and vitamins great for our health.

*Vegetarian people don’t have variety to eat!
The variety Vegetarian can eat is vast, for example we can make 108 types of dishes using milk only!
But people are not aware of then, that’s why they think such.

*Non-Vegetarian food is good for body and for those who need lot of energy!
As a matter of fact Vegetarian food takes only up to 4 hours for complete digestion.
Fruits take the least time.
On the other hand Non-Vegetarian food (meat, fish, chicken, etc) takes from 24 to 48 hours for complete digestion.
Now, many people will not believe this, but truth is truth. Hence it is very clear that Vegetarian food is much better for our digestive system.
If you are suffering from skin issues like ache, pimples, upset stomach, digestive issues, then it is always a great decision to switch to Vegetarian food (at least for some time).

*If we do heavy exercise in gym then Non-Vegetarian diet is great help and a must!
Seriously! Do they really think that vegetarian food doesn’t have fats and carbohydrates! Then why do they say that foods like bananas, butter make you fat? This is one of the greatest myths. If you have time, check about ‘Patrik Baboumian’, the strongest man in Germany. Another Big example.

*Taste factor! Non-Vegetarian food is so delicious, tasty and awesome. Vegetarian are missing a lot!
If you think that vegetarian food is not so delicious then you need to know that there are a lot. Recopies like that used in India will make you go crazy after you taste them. So go and try them for sure.