Incredible : Scientist Captured the Moments of One Man’s Death

For centuries, humans have been wandering around to find the answer of whether souls exist or not. There are so many myths and beliefs about this question that it started to lose its point. But, recently the right answer was delivered along with evidence.

Yes, the existence of the soul is real.

Enough numbers of evidence were collected by the Russian scientist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, with which the existence of soul is finally proven. Something, indeed, is beyond death. Photographing a dead body, and the act when the soul leaves the body, got him enough evidence.

The opinions from the people on whether there is a soul or not, differ all the time. But, the confirmation and the right answer were never really delivered. Proving this is a lot like proving the existence of gravity. It is invisible, but it exists.

Nineties were the years when Konstantin Korotkov who worsk as a professor in one university in Russia, produced an amazing thing…

Spirit Science stated that the technology wasn’t actually pretty new, but it has been creating throughout the time.

GVC is the device that Konstantin created.


This device explains the process of dying of the living creatures and separating from their bodies. It uses a system which is ancient and comes from China.

Explanation of the system’s work

Milliseconds are enough for the single to be sent while the GVC is connected to the finger tips. An ‘electron cloud’ then appears. This cloud is created by the light photos.

Then, the whole process is exposed to a CCD camera, and the moment is captured. All the information taken is translated into a computer.

From each fingertip comes information about different body organ. Then the computer program makes a relation to the form of the organ and creates an auric cloud. The cloud is equivalent to every Chakra.

This system’s origins are from Ayurvedic Indian medicine. By using the fingertips the systems collide with different parts of our bodies.

Konstantin obeyed the idea of 7 points which relate to the main energy and implemented it on his technology.

This is also very helpful to find out which of your chakras are off. You can later work on making them better.

Kirilian was the photography’s type and Konstantin that you can notice a blue life force, which means that the soul leaves the body.

The first ones that leave the body are the head along with the navel. On the other side, the last one is the heart.

Konstantin noticed that people who had uncertain and violent death, have their soul confused the minute of their death. They are in big misunderstanding to accept their death.

Many doctors followed this practice around the world. They all concluded the same. Later these kinds of systems are used for treating cancer and for monitoring stress.

Look at the video below to see the whole process:

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