Homeless man returned an engagement ring worth thousands.


This homeless man- Billy Ray Harris- returned engagement ring worth several thousand back to the woman who dropped it by chance into Harris’ change cup. In return, Sarah Darling- the owner of ring- set up one fundraising page along with her fiancé to thank Mr. Harris. The fundraiser raised around $180,000 from public donations by which Harris was able to purchase a house and even get a job.
He says that ‘I feel more human now.’

He could usually be seen holding one change cup to ask the passers-by for some spare change. But that day, his life took a U-turn.

Sarah passed Harris in February at his typical spot and gave some change in his cup. However, by chance, she also dropped her engagement ring in that cup. Billy Harris even thought of selling that ring, which he got assessed for about $4,000, but couldn’t sell it. After a few days, he finally returned it to Darling.
He said at that time that “I am no saint, but I’m not a devil either.”

As a gesture of saying thank you, Sarah and her husband- Bill Krejci- set up a special support to raise money for Billy Harris to support him in his life’s second innings. “We then put a target of thousand dollars and we had started it since a lot many people who got touched by our story wanted to help Billy Harris,” Darling informed TODAY in March.


Billy Ray Harris is no longer homeless, six months after returning a stranger’s ring.

The fund eventually raised more than anyone among them predicted- people contribute in excess of $180,000- that too in only three months.

Billy Ray then talked to an attorney to help him in putting the collected fund in a trust. After that, he was able to purchase a car and had even put his money down for a house, which he prefers to fix up himself.


Sarah Darling and her husband Bill Krejci have formed a lifelong friendship with Harris.

And that’s not it- just a few days after he emerged on a TV show- his family members were finally able to find him. They were not able to locate him for more than 15 years and thought he was dead but are now gladly reunited. Harris is at present working hard on his bonding with all of them and especially with his nieces as well as nephews who he never even thought existed.

Harris told TODAY that “When I consider my past, I thank God with all my heart that it’s finally over and I really feel being a human now.”

The Kansas City society hasn’t forgotten him either or his famous good deed. “Even now, I get to see some same people but now, rather than giving me a change, they come up to shake my hand and say-‘hey, good job’,” Harris says.

Billy Ray isn’t only a good luck charm for the couple but also appears to a good luck for local baseball team- Darling and Krejci took Harris to six of the Kansas City Royals games which they won each time- including one on Krejci’s latest birthday.

Darling says about the bighearted expression of support for Billy Ray that “On the whole, it is a good feeling that many people came collectively to transform this man’s life that really deserved one.”
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Source: today