Restore Vision Naturally With Eye Exercises and Diet.

Restore Vision Naturally

How do eye exercises help?

Eye exercises play an important role to manage several eye sight problems like eye pain, itchy eyes, eye blurriness, eye sight defect, eye infection, eye irritation, eye dryness, etc.

* Here are few highly recommended and important Instructions for eye exercise:

o Always Include the eye training in your regular exercise list.
o Never be too fast in performing eye exercises. Rather, sit down calmly and then do eye exercises.
o Step by step increase the exercise length- maximum of half an hour.
o Never strain your eyes but rather take it gradually by being consistent.

* Eye concentration: Make a little black spot on a wall with the help of a black pen and sit down easily on a chair or floor. Now focus on the marked black spot for maximum possible time to build stronger eyes.

* Open and close eyes: Open the eyes broadly and then close them firmly (be tender while doing it to evade eye pain.) Do the exercises ten times again with a regular 1 second break after each set.

* Rolling the eye- clockwise, roll your eyes for 5 counts and then anti-clockwise for 5 more counts to fortify the eye muscles.

* Movement of eye- Move the eyes up and down for 5 counts and then from left to right each for another 5 counts to improve eye movement flexibility.

* Twitching the eye: blink eyes often to give nourishment to eye muscles by avoiding eye dryness.

* Better blood circulation for eyes: Yoga has huge impact on eye strength.

Food that is beneficial for eyes:

4. Collard Greens
5. Eggs
6. Lemons

7. Fish Oils
8. Berries
9. Apricots
11. Grapefruits
12. Black Currants
13. Cold-water Fish

Harmful things for eyes:

1. Foods containing Monosodium Glutamate or MSG
2.Looking straight into sun light for a while
3. Using drugs that are damaging to eyes

4. Cell phone as well as games might also be dangerous to eyes.