The Easiest and Natural Way to Cure Headache

Try this easy and natural 5 minute therapy to cure headaches:

There are two nostrils with different functions- to inhale and exhale.
You would feel the difference…

The right nostril represents the sun and left nostril, the moon.
In case of a headache, try closing the right nostril and use the left one to breathe.
Within around 5 minutes, the headache would go.

If you feel exhausted, simply reverse the process by closing your left nostril and start breathing from the right nostril.
In a few minutes, your mind would start feeling refresh.
Right side gets heated up as it belongs to ‘hot’ and the left one belongs to ‘cold’.
Majority of females breathe from left nostril and get quickly ‘cooled off’.

Most guys breathe from right nostril and get hot and bothered.
Observe which side you breathe more from.
If left side is used more, you might feel more tired.
To feel refreshed quickly, close the left side and use the right nostril to breathe.
If in case you suffer from frequent headaches, you can try this breathing technique.

Close the right nostril and start breathing from the left side; the headache will be gone soon.
Keep doing this exercise for a month.

This is very helpful as well as free natural therapy to cure headaches- without any medication!