Amazing and Interesting Uses of Coca-Cola

The major use for Coca Cola is in the form of a beverage but there are several more things that it can do. This might even save a lot of hard earned money for many by not buying those products. For an instance, the cola can also remove stains as well as rust from metals.

These are some interesting uses of Coca Cola:

Removing hard water and rust

It can remove the rust from several metals such as a car bumper. To remove it, simply fill a small plastic cup with some Cola and add rusted metal object to it. Let it be there overnight and them then wipe off the rust from the metal with the help of an old cloth. For removing rust from larger metals, take an aluminum foil sheet and roll it in to a ball to dip in Cola to properly cover all its sides in liquid. Then, rub it over the rust in a circular form. You might have to apply and rub it a few times but it will show results. Coca Cola can also be used to remove hard water from the bathroom tiles as well as toilet bowls.


It can treat upset stomachs as because of diarrhea, you can drink more Cola frequently which lets the stomach feel better in a matter of few hours. If in case, you feel nauseous, you might want to drink the flat Cola after every fifteen minutes until the stomach feels better. But the Cola must be consumed flat.

Pest removal

 If you have slugs or snails, Cola can be used both as bait as well as a poison. Just pour some amount of Cola in a small bowl and observe the sugar in cola draw the slugs and snails. Once they get on the dish, acid content in the Cola would kill them. The fizzy drink can also remove bugs from car’s windshield by pouring some Cola over bugs on the windshield and then wait for 10 seconds before using the windshield wipers to make the bugs come off easily.

Stain Removal

The cola contains an acid which can eliminate grease as well as blood stains from a fabric. Simply add the normal laundry detergent after filling the washing machine. Add a can of Cola and place the laundry in washing machine together with stained items. After a wash cycle is over, the clothes would be blot free.