12 Extremely Stupid Things People Do In The Name Of Love!

Falling in love with someone is a good feeling with all the butterflies you get and an even better feeling when they fall for you too. But there are stupid things people do when they get smitten with someone.

1. Letting go of the best of opportunities.

Many times when people fall for someone, they tend to deny even the best of opportunities for themselves. Such as, they get the job that’ll pay them a fortune yet they kindly deny the offer because they cannot live away from the person they love.

2. Stalking.

Another one of the stupid things people do is that they end up stalking their partners. Be it on social media or outside the barriers of the virtual world, the ‘keeping an eye’ on their partners remain constant. If you’re actually in love, you need to learn how to respect her private space and not intervene in it.

3. Getting a tattoo.

Apparently, you are so much in love and so smitten with your partner that you end up getting their name tattooed on yourself. Getting a tattoo without any idea of whether the relationship can go the mile or not is yet another one of the stupid things people can do.

4. Too many gifts for our loved ones.

People who fall head over heels in love often tend to believe that the best way to show their partner their feelings they have for them is by getting them presents, of course, the filthily expensive ones. No! That’s just plain stupid. Love definitely doesn’t demand to be spoilt with expensive gifts.

5. Calling or texting after every five minutes.

Confessing or admitting the feelings you have for your partner once in a while is definitely a healthy habit. But there are people who call their partners at every five or ten minutes to tell them how much they miss them and love them. Few even call or text several times a day just to prove their love for them. This is another stupid people do in love. Crazy, right?

6. Sending nudes.

A little spark in the relationship with getting things heated up is a healthy habit. But, sending nudes to prove your love towards your partner? That’s plain awkward and stupid.

7. Neglecting your friends.

Just because you’re in love with your partner doesn’t mean you will have to cut off your friends from your life or neglect them in any way. Balancing both your relationship and friend circle is very important since friends are the family we choose for ourselves and they bring out the best in us.

8. Sharing passwords of your social networking site accounts.

A healthy relationship demands trust. A trust is one of the strongest pillars that holds a relationship together. If you guys need to share passwords in order to feel secure, then definitely the relationship lacks trust. And moreover, everybody needs to have their personal space and some privacy. That shouldn’t be an issue.

9. Adopting everything your lover likes.

People adapt to the character of their partners. They do what their partners like, wear what they wear, listen to the songs they listen to, read what they tell you to; in short, you change yourself completely losing your originality. Another one of the stupid things people do.

10. Tying the knot as soon as you get into the relationship.

Marrying someone you just met can be a complete disaster because technically, it takes a lot of time and even more interaction and communication with someone you want to know truly. A few weeks or months can never be enough to know someone completely.

11. Losing sleep.

Are late night calls and not letting you get enough sleep? That’s another one of stupid things people do. Getting some proper sleep at night is of the utmost necessity to maintain a good health. And a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Don’t get yourself sleep deprived, never!

12. Losing your self-respect.

Losing ego is a good thing for a relationship whereas losing your self-respect isn’t because that’s where the ‘taken-for-granted’ phase of your relationship comes from. So, put the ego aside ad keep the self-respect intact and your head high.
source: burlesquecity.com