Mahatma Gandhi’s Great Granddaughter Is The New Hot Star Of The Internet

Everyone’s latest crush!

Mahatma Gandhi played a crucial role in making India, independent. Bapu and his teachings are famous all over the world. His selfless deeds and the way he taught us the meaning of nonviolence, peace, and humanity are still remembered.

We have been studying about the father of our nation since childhood. The stories of his struggles and hardships were always in our textbooks and almost all parent try to teach their children about him to make them as noble as he was.

However, there are several facts about Mahatma Gandhi that many of us are not aware of. Mahatma Gandhi’s family lives in India and abroad but there are only a handful of people who are aware of them.

Gandhi’s 154 descendants live in 6 different nations other than India. His son Harilal’s son Kantilal is also among these.

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Kantilal.

Mahatma Gandhi is back in the news these days because of his great granddaughter whose pictures are spreading like wildfire all over the internet.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Great Granddaughter, Medha Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi’s great granddaughter and Kantilal Gandhi’s daughter is Medha Gandhi. After independence, Kantilal’s family settled in America.


Medha Gandhi, who lives with her family in America, is not just famous because of Mahatma Gandhi but also because of her glamorous lifestyle.


Medha, who is far away from politics has set her career in a creative field. The bio that she has written for her social media accounts is full of sarcasm. It reads,”I’m a DJ. I’m Indian. That makes me a failure.” Strange! 😛

This defines her amazing humor sense! Isn’t it?

Known for her vocal talent, Medha is a comedy writer and parody producer. Medha has even produced one of the most famous shows in Ohio, ‘The Dave and Jimmy Show’.


‘Matty In The Morning Show’ is Medha’s latest show.


Highly active on social media, Medha keeps updating her fans with her whereabouts and latest pictures. Famous with the name of  “babyhotsauce”‘, Medha has more than 52K followers on Instagram.


Apart from being a vivid traveler and photographer, looks like Medha is an animal lover as well!


Her glamorous lifestyle attracts many. Yes, her name is attached to Indian history, but Medha lives a modern life in America.

People here in India have suddenly started talking about Medha because of her connection with Gandhi. Her modern lifestyle and beautiful looks are gathering fame all over the internet.
source: topyaps