A Guy Asked Her To Send Pics Without Clothes, Her Response Is Winning Hearts Of Internet

It’s high time we stop treating women as the weaker sex. They have always been blamed and ill-treated by the male dominance hierarchies. But, now times have changed. No matter how patriarchal the society is, women have now learned how to take a stand for themselves.

It is nothing new that women have been asked to send their nudes by some morons on social media platforms. Some requests are from friends while some are from strangers too! Some women ignore it while a few others, like this smart one, answer with nothing but epic style!

Here we present one such incident when Par from New Zealand was greeted with a similar message when a useless moron kept on annoying her by insisting on sending her pics without clothes.

At that time, any girl would have been irritated, furious or lost her cool at this but it was creditable on the part of her that she chose to teach the pervert a lesson that he would never forget in his lifetime instead of just blocking him.

So, whatever you’re doing right now, just drop everything because maybe this conversation thread can be a huge lesson in helping you deal with bullies.

This is how the conversation went on:


The man was obviously very desperate and couldn’t contain his excitement and fervently asked her to load the image again!


And to help him, Par didn’t give up. She kept asking him ‘Did you get it?’



By this time, the man gave up and finalized on getting a new phone for himself, not realizing that Par was beating him in his own game.



Wasn’t this brilliant?

Par is a genius and has given us a reason to love her with her witty reply. Whatever, he got an unforgettable lesson and would think twice before asking any other girl for nude pics!!

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Source : allindiaroundup.com