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Here is a small interview of them:-

How did you found RenderForest and what difficulties you were facing at the beginning?

Renderforest (Https:// is all in one video creation platform which helps individuals and businesses create broadcast quality videos in short amount of time. Service is automated and we do offer various video categories including logo intros, promotional videos, kinetic typography, mobile app promos, animated videos, various slideshows, music visualisations and more. The Idea was born back in 2012 when our company was creating handcrafted videos for businesses. We discovered that most of the startups do not have enough funds to order a promotional video. Also automated solutions were not giving the quality which can be considered as broadcast. Thats why we thought to create a platform which would help startups to create promotional videos under $30 which was very affordable rate. So mostly when renderforest was born, we were concentrated on startup videos, then we expanded categories and included slideshows and music visualizations.

-Please describe what makes Renderforest different from other similar online platforms.

Renderforest tries to solve this gap between manual high cost video production and cheap low quality automated video production and delivers something in between while keeping the highest quality possible with lowest cost in short amount of time with simplified editing panel. Competitors are a lot, but each has its own vision and style. Most users who try renderforest give feedback that we’re the only one who delivers the best three-dimensional feel. But sure each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages.

-What are the challenges that you face nowadays as a company founder? We do want 1000s of video templates but our technology is very complex and each video creation template is being created with huge amount of time. We do have 170 templates currently but we strive to expand the team and do more in the nearest future.

-On which development level do you see Renderforest one year later? What are your short term and long term goals?

We strive to get 1 million users. Currently we do have 2000 registered users per day.