1. The Eccentric Aquarius woman

When an Aquarius woman falls in love, she will follow her feelings and do the best for her relationship. She is honest and loyal person. Sometimes eccentric but you will never be bored with her. She loves her family life and she will always give the best of her to make things work. She is strong, brave and she always achieves her goals. She will give you support and love as long as you give her freedom. These kind of women are hard to attract but when you do it you will be the happiest man on the earth. She will make you a better person and a marriage with her will be an adventure that you will adore.


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  1. The Queen Cancer

Cancer woman is very emotional and dedicated. She is very passionate and romantic person. She will do everything to make you happy. She is a carrying partner and responsible. If you marry cancer woman she will create a warm home full with love and positive vibes. She is a great mother and she enjoys cooking. Sometime she is a little dramatic and impatient but if you support her she will be the best women you can ever have.

  1. The Ruler Leo

Leo Woman is confident, fearless, charismatic and powerful person. If you have the luck to marry this women you will surely be extremely happy. Your life will be easier and full with interesting moments. She is intelligent, creative and passionate. She will appreciate everything you will do for her. She needs affections and love. She is a fighter and you must accept that. She will fight for you, with you, and she will do the things in her way. She wants the best for you and she will do it.