Baby elephant throwing tantrum against his mom

It seems that humans aren’t the only ones to have terrible toddler tantrums. It’s impossible not to laugh.

There’s nothing worse than a toddler tantrum, it’s the burden of everyone’s life.

Mothers across the world can relate to the stamping of their feet, crying and banshee wailing that happens in supermarkets up and down the world from their darling little ones.

We also know that in the history of temper tantrums, these actions do not work. elephant tantrum

They can be somewhat amusing to watch and it turns out that it’s not just the human species that host the hissy fits. This baby elephant has proved that we’re not the only ones who can have a little sulk and moan.

The adult elephants appear to give this calf the reaction we as humans have come to witness mothers do up and down the country… Blank the child till they calm down.

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source: happiest