This Amazing Recipe Can Cure All Vision Problems, A Russian Ophtalmologist Recommends

The all-natural recipe recommended in this article was made by a Russian doctor, ophthalmologist and surgeon nearly half a century ago. As the treatment had high efficacy, the doctor strongly advised all his patients suffering from vision problems including intraocular pressure to use this powerful natural remedy.


The recipe is easy to make; it asks for simple, but extremely beneficial ingredients such as aloe vera gel, walnuts, lemons and honey.


  • 100 gr. Aloe juice
  • 500 gr. crushed walnuts
  • 300 gr. honey
  • juice of 3-4 lemons


Blend all the ingredients at high speed.


You need to drink this remedy every day, a tablespoon three times a day, half an hour before your meal. You should take it until you feel your vision is improved and you no longer have the need for it. Aside from being an excellent remedy for your eye health, this remedy is a real metabolism booster and can positively affect your overall health.


It’s important to know that Aloe Vera Juice is not recommended for people affected with acute kidney disease, GI tract problems, inflammation of the female reproductive system, tuberculosis, hemorrhoids and pregnant women in the last trimester. Also remember that the plant shouldn’t be more than 2-3 years old.