Beware Women! Here’s Why You Should Stop Eating Chicken Wings Right Now!

Are you a woman with a history of ovarian cysts? Do you also enjoy eating delicious and spicy foods like chicken wings? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you’ll want to continue reading on to get our top three reasons for why you should stop eating chicken wings right now. Many women who have ovarian cysts – or who deal with the chronic pain of ovarian cysts but haven’t been diagnosed – may not realize how spicy foods such as chicken wings can inflame their cysts and cause discomfort.


Read our guide listing the three top tips for why chicken wings should be out of your diet for good – and feel relief and health in the future:

Tip #1: Steroids Everywhere

It’s time to come to terms with reality: Our chickens are injected with steroids. It’s hard to avoid this unless you’re willing to purchase free-range, grass-fed chicken, which can be expensive. If you buy a standard, grocery-store chicken wings, then you’ll likely be eating an animal that has been injected with steroids. The chickens get this injection in their wings, so the highest concentration is in the wings — which you will be eating! Steroids can cause ovarian cysts, so you’ll want to avoid steroid-injected chicken if you are prone to cysts.

Tip #2: Note That Sugar

Sugar is a culprit when it comes to ovarian cysts. High amounts of artificial sugar often can be found in the sauces used to coat chicken wings. These sauces are used to marinate the chicken for hours at a time, ensuring that you are getting a high dose of sugar with every bite of that chicken wing.

Read labels when you are purchasing store-bought or pre-made chicken wings. If you are making them yourself, opt for a sugar-free and natural sauce that you can whip up in your kitchen. Avoid high sugar content and processed foods, which often contain a high dose of sugar if you want to steer away from aggravating your cysts.

Tip #3: Spicy Time

Spicy marinades, sauces, and coatings on your chicken wings are yet another reason to avoid them. Spicy foods have a tendency to inflame your body – including cysts. You should be prepared to continue battling those painful cysts along with your heartburn if you are unwilling to give up spicy chicken wings. We’re not saying you have to abandon chicken wings for your entire life from this point forward.

What we are saying is that you have to approach this delicious party and football food in moderation. You’ll need to consider going light on those spicy sauces and to find an alternative recipe. You can eat spicy chicken wings every now and then -but from this point on, avoid any wing that is coated in a sauce or marinade that is mild to hot. It will take some practice if you’re a lover of spicy foods, but remember that your ovarian cysts will be cheering for your decision for days and nights to come.

In conclusion, we’re not going to lie to you. It’s going to be hard to give up spicy, yummy chicken wings – especially if you really love them and enjoy eating them on special occasions. But the bottom line is that if you have ovarian cysts – or if you suspect you have them – you’re going to want to give up chicken wings.

There are adjustments you can make to your diet with a little practice and willpower. In the long run, you’ll not only feel better but you’ll know that you are doing everything possible to keep your cysts healthy. Reserve chicken wings that are spicy for an extra special occasion. All other times, try a milder recipe that will be better on your body.