Secret Base Discovered On The Moon- Who Built It And Why? [Watch Video]

An eagle-eyed YouTube user happened upon an extraordinary picture released by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which appears to show a seven mile long complex of buildings located in the Tycho crater.


The finding of this incredibly elaborate structure which appears to contain a vast number of buildings and tunnels has been celebrated in moon watching circles and has received particular acclaim from the prominent ufologist, Scott Waring. Waring believes that the discovery is incredibly significant, not just for UFO enthusiasts, but for humanity in general. Waring speculated; “If this is an abandoned alien base, the Streetcap1 may have just found the perfect location for the next NASA mission. Imagine an entire base of structures 5-7 miles across. It would be a crime not to utilise [sic] such a useful waypoint in space that could save humanity from extinction.”


If this finding is what it appears to be it could prove to be a necessary haven if Earth is ever stricken by a cataclysmic natural disaster or is rendered uninhabitable by the adverse effects of climate change. The building could be used as habitation by survivors in the event of a such a catastrophe. Alternately, it could be used as a ready-based for human colonisation of the Moon.

Various structures that appear to be artificial in origin have been spotted on the surface of the Moon over the years. Recently, a UFO researcher named Mark Sawalha found what he believes to be a huge antenna rising from the surface of the Moon which he assumes to be part of a mining operation of alien origin. He said; “I guess that there are also some kind of mining activities going on the Moon. Aliens are using moon minerals and they have bases there too.” Sawalha’s theory gains credibility given that the Moon is comprised of highly valuable materials such as precious metals and uranium which have been ‘naturally’ enriched to unheard standards of quality.

At this current time, it is incredibly difficult for amateur Moon watchers to verify their claims given that access to the Moon is incredibly limited and remains the preserve of the national and international space agencies and certain private companies.