The Dukha people living in Northern Mongolia have a magical vibration with the animals in their region. The type of bond they have with their eco-system is one that the world needs to learn about and remember. They embrace their rugged terrain, utilizing trained reindeer and wolves. Golden eagle are taught to hunt for their clan. This is better than any movie, it’s a throwback to the past that is almost unbelievable to witness.

Though modern man in his limited thought might not be able to conjure such a way of living, but to the Dukha people in Mongolia, such is a well accepted way of life.


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Their close relationship with reindeer gives them many advantages. They use them to help hunt, make milk and cheese, along with offering rises to tourists and rides for travelers.

As you can see in the photo, they are all one big cohesive tribe, with everyone serving a purpose to the community.

Dukha8 Dukha5  Dukha12Dukha7Dukha4Dukha1 hamid-sardar-afkhami-photographs-dukha-people-of-mongolia003 eagle on hand
 The Dukha people hunt rabbits with the assistance of highly-trained wolves and golden eagles, which they trade for about $2 (USD). Wild elk, fox and boar are also hunted by the tribe.

Watch the full hunting video: