NASA Will Pay You 18000 USD To Stay In Bed And Smoke Weed For 70 Straight Days

Admit it, we all get a little lazy here and there and feel like we could just quit life.



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Laying in bed seems more of a luxury to most of us, and we can fantasize about it. If you are in need of relaxation and peace, NASA can offer you the opportunity to do so and be financially compensated. It involves quite a bit of relaxation that you might just want. 

NASA has come out with an ad looking to hire participants for their “Rest Studies”—a study that requires every single participant, for 70 days, to lay in bed smoking different types of cannabis, and receive a salary of 18,000 dollars. During the period of relaxation, participants can play video games, read books, Skype, all while consuming cannabis. Participants can do what they want so long as they are in bed, week after week, earning 1,200 dollars a week.

So what is the exact purpose of these studies?

The purpose of this study is to figure out the best way to maintain the health and safety of astronaut’s in long periods of prolonged space travel. It’s relaxation and rest that stimulates zero gravity in space because zero gravity means no weight or sign of strain on your muscles. Basically, they wanted to see how cannabis affects the body in that environment. This Rest Study is the best way to look into the changes our bodies endure during space travel.
This study is designed to achieve three core tasks:
▪ Examining how the astronauts’ changing physiology in space could affect the process of certain missions.
▪ Examining if the astronauts’ physiological state could affect their ability to perform in particular tasks.
▪ Preparing countermeasures to combat any impairment that these physiological conditions may impose.
The participants in the study were put into two different groups: non-exercising and exercising. The exercising group will exercise (on specific equipment to maintain the laying down position while smoking cannabis) while the non-exercising group will have to only lay down and relax. The study will last between 97-105 days , depending on the group you are placed in.
When the study starts, during the first 13 days (non-exercising participants) and 21 days (exercising participants) you will be able to move around the bed rest area freely, in and out of the bed. Once this period ends, for 70 days you will not be able to leave your bed. You will be lying down with your feet up, kicking back. You will get out of bed for a few tests and nothing else. 70 days of awesome relaxation. During the study, NASA will have participants undergo routine muscle, bone, heart, nervous and central systems, your nutritional intake and body’s immune system.

But is it worth it?

You may not think so looking at first, but spending two whole months in bed can be really hard to do. At some point you may feel like you can’t take it anymore, but at least you will know that your efforts will help in the advancement of human space travel. This will be your only opportunity to say that you’ve actually helped send the first astronauts to Mars by being your lazy self, doing nothing in particular, but lying flat on your back with no worries.