Your car lock is at risk! Watch this


Car lock – do it from the door control!!!

How and why to Lock Your Car.

I locked my car but as I walked, I heard the car door unlock.

I went back to lock the car again Thrice.

But whenever I started walking from it, I could hear it get unlock again…

This was unusual…

I looked around and found 3 guys in a car, near the store.

I sensed something was wrong- I left the work I came for and sped the car to the nearest police station and told them.

I was told that I was about to be a part of very successful and fresh scheme used by burglars to enter cars!

I got to know about this new device called “Spectrum Analyzer”:

This device is used by robbers to clone the security coding of car’s door lock system when used by your remote locking device.

Robbers sit a distance to watch for their next victim.

What to do to save from this tricky and dangerous situation?

  • When you press the lock button on your car while exiting, it does not tell the security code
  • If in case anyone used the door lock on their key chain while walking away, it sends the code in the airwaves, from where it can be stolen easily.