What would you prefer to become after dying- a tree or a tombstone?!

would you prefer to become a tree or a tombstoneafter dying

Now this one’s one of the most sincerely amazing thing to come across EVER!
And why not?
It involves YOU!
Not during the duration on the planet but rather after it!

This is known as a Bios Urn
Some interesting facts about the Bios Urn are:
• It is a completely biodegradable one having a single tree seed.

• When planted, a tree seed is nourished by the nutrients from the ashes!
• The pot is made from coconut shell and has compressed cellulose as well as peat.
• In it, the ashes are mixed- with a seed placed inside it.
• A person can also choose which type of tree they would like to grow into!
So which one would you like to become?