For the Simple Crime of Smoking Marijuana, the Government Ruined This Man’s Family Forever, and a kid lost its life!


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Who is the REAL criminal: this man or the Government?
For a simple offense of smoking marijuana, the government ruined this Texas based man- Joshua Hill’s- family forever.

The authorities took away his two year old daughter from him as he was seen smoking the pot whilst she was sleeping. However, in the observation of Child Protective Services, the little girl was ill-treated and ultimately killed by her foster parents.

Joshua Hill told KVUE television that ‘We never ever harmed our kid. She never got sick, never in hospital, and by no means, had any other issues- until she was sent to the state care.’

This anecdote is totally shocking. Several studies prove that almost 28% of the kids got abused while being there in the in foster care system. Around 35% of foster kids are placed on psychotropic drugs as opposed to about 10% non-foster care kids. So taking a kid away from his/her parents for something which is totally legal in two states as well as legal in medical use in around 20 states shows the ridiculous mindset of the authorities. This also shows how insane is the war on drugs on the whole. How can anyone think that a kid would be safer in foster care system rather than with his/her pot smoking relatives?        Source:policymic