55ft snake found in a forest in Malaysia.

55ft snake found in Malaysia

This picture shows a 55ft long snake that was found in a Malaysian forest.
The workers who were clearing a forest to make a new road claimed that the snake was among the two massive Boas seen by them. They also claimed that they accidentally woke up two sleeping snakes while attempting to raze a huge mass of earth. They said- ‘While attempting for the third time to dig, a worker found some blood along with the soil, and when we further dug, there appeared a dying snake.’

“The injured boa died and the other snake vanished  before all the workers came back. The operator of the bulldozer felt so ill that he was even unable to stand up properly.”

The bulldozer operator got so shocked by the incidence that he also experienced a heart attack while on the way to a hospital where he later expired.
The deceased snake was said to be around 140 years old and was 55ft or 16.7m long and weighed around 300kg.