This Video You’re About to See, is Beyond Comprehension – Sexually Abused Her and Took Her Child

A mother and her 3 year old daughter were summoned to court for a minor non-criminal proceeding.

What transpired therein, was a traumatic episode that will forever plague their minds in the future to come.

During the proceeding, Officer Ron Fox ordered the mother, Monica Catreas, to enter into a private room so he could allegedly give her a random “drug search”.

The truth is Ron Fox wanted to fondle the woman and sexually assault her. After groping her behind and breasts and then asking her to lift her shirt, Monica objected and pleaded with the Judge to please get a female officer since she felt uncomfortable.

Instead of intervening, Judge Patricia Doninger, literally turns her back to the injustice being committed and distracts the woman’s daughter instead while she is bullied by the officer who orders another cop to arrest her for making “false allegations”.

This really raises the question as to whether this abuse has been common place since the judge acts so nonchalant as if nothing is taking place. Obviously the little girls mother, Monica, was taken aback by the situation and began to cry desperately for help. For the average person who actually blindly believes “the law” is their to uphold justice, this is literally brain shock and throws everything they thought they knew about the world out the door.

The other police officer begins to corner the distraught woman and says “We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” insinuating that they will impose more abuse on the innocent woman if she does not comply.

Coming to terms with the disturbing implications of the situation, the young mother apologizes and begs them to please let her go. They then tell her if she is willing to claim she made false allegations (perhaps a method to further entrap her?) they will release her. But when she steps up and finally has the judges attention, she rightfully asserts that she is being harassed. As a result, the criminal officials arrest the young woman while her small child begs them to not take her “momma” and then take the daughter into child custody too.

When it was all said and done, because the mother refused to remain silent and chose to fight back, both the officer and judge were fired. But think of how many people stayed silent out of fear and intimidation. If we don’t take action to stop this madness of the government, we are all gonna become victims of its criminality.