The following article contains graphic imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.


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Every day we come across shocking incidents of children falling prey to abuse and torture by sadists who don’t think twice before subjecting innocent children to their unbridled anger.

In such situations, children who go through this cruelty can only rely on their family members to support them through this difficult time.

However, what breaks our heart is that the same family who is supposed to support the child often ends up being the perpetrator of the cruelty. This is exactly what happened when a stepmother beat up her stepdaughter and stuffed her into a gunny bag.


In a video which has since gone viral on social media, the mother Jaspreet Kaur from Sector 29, Chandigarh was seen scolding her three-and-half-year-old child and vigorously shaking a sack after stuffing the child in it. She was also seen banging the bag on the floor with the child still inside.

In the video, the mother is first seen slapping the child who has a broken leg and then stuffing her in a sack asking her what she did in school. After stuffing her into the bag and shaking it, she is heard asking her whether the child will speak up or not.


According to a report in Indian Express, the incident happened around two-and-half months back and was recorded by the girl’s elder brother. Manmohan Singh, the girl’s father was unaware of this cruelty meted out to his daughter and said,

“My son made the video clip and handed it to me. I was stunned to see the cruelty of my second wife towards my daughter from my first wife. My first wife passed away two-and-a-half years back and I married Kaur in 2016. I have filed a police complaint, seeking action against Kaur.”


The shocking fact is that the woman who is subjecting the child to such brutality has a child herself from her first marriage.


According to India Today, the father has also accused the wife of breaking his daughter’s leg. He told the police that after he was shown the video by his son, he shot two more videos on his mobile phone.

Jaspreet Kaur also tried to commit suicide two months back by hanging herself but was rescued in the nick of time. An FIR has been registered against the mother under Section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act and Section 323 (assault) of IPC.

Kaur was staying with her parents for the past two months but is absconding from the time a complaint was registered against her.

You can watch the compilation of the videos here:

The injured girl also narrated her ordeal to a Child Helpline counsellor and insisted on staying with her father even after the police recommended she stay at Snehalaya. We hope the little girl can get over this trauma and that justice is soon served in the case.