Traffic Jams may have Direct Impact on your Heart

Traffic jams are the most irritating part of the day. You leave home with a fresh mood, cleanly dressed up with a purpose to reach your office or college daily on time, and then suddenly you are stuck in traffic, with two things on your mind– I hope this jam disappears as soon as possible and the other thought being the excuse you can make in front of your boss or teachers. Sometimes, when you think of reaching home early and making a great dinner, this might exhaust you already.

A new study out of Germany has uncovered evidence that getting stuck in traffic prompts an even more serious and immediate consequence — a much higher risk for suffering a heart attack.

The finding does not isolate which particular virtue of road congestion — stress, pollution, car exhaust or noise — might be the driving force behind the apparent cardiovascular threat.

However, after a four-year analysis of nearly 1,500 heart attack cases, the authors came to the conclusion that making one’s way through traffic — whether as a driver, a rider of public transport, or even a bicyclist — seems to more than triple the chances for experiencing a heart attack in the first hour immediately following exposure.

This wouldn’t be new for the ones living in metro cities. You must be familiar with such things on a daily basis. It might be good according to you but has drastic effects on your mind as well as your body. Traffic Jams have following effects on you:

1. You are prone to heart attack

 The long waiting and the high noise levels in the jam can cause your temper to rise.

2. Takes toll on your mental capacity

In a rush to get out of a traffic jam, you cannot sometimes bear other people’s way of driving, but you should understand that the other people are also in a hurry. Moreover, exhaust fumes we inhale during a jam can cause memory loss.

3. It makes you to gain weight

This is caused when you face traffic jam on a daily basis, reason being the long hours on the road can wash away all your energy to go back home and exercise or cook a healthy meal.

4. It makes you dull and miserable

When you are free, you might resort to start smoking or turn on music on high volume just to pass that time but these things in turn make you miserable later.

5. Other health problems…

You can also become the victim of high blood pressure, asthma or even lung diseases.

In a 20-km long traffic jam in Indonesia in July 2016, 12 people died because it lasted for 3 long days. Therefore, try to take public commuters instead of travelling always by private vehicles. In case you are stuck in a traffic jam, try to stay calm so as to avoid choking your heart just because of the honking on the streets.