Thirty Years In A Rusty Cage. Watch Her Reaction When She Is Freed!

Fifi the bear was held captive by a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania and forced to perform all kinds of tricks for 10 years… but her story becomes worse.  When the zoo closed, she was left to live in a small rusty cage for 20 more years. Imagine what freedom would be like when all you’ve known is suffering.

Fifi’s torturous existence ended in July of 2015 when she, and 3 other bears, were rescued by PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Unable to hibernate within the small cramped quarters of her imprisonment, Fifi was in poor physical condition with a host of ailments including untreated arthritis.

Sadly, her condition was almost so beyond repair that the animal specialists thought it might be impossible for her to regain her strength.

Fifi’s Fight To Live

Watch how Fifi’s strength and desire to live proved what the miracle of good and loving care does for any sentient being.


The Wild Animal Sanctuary about 3 months ago

“Picture of The Day! “FiFi” a female Syrian Brown Bear was rescued from a roadside zoo in PA along with three other bears that had been kept in small concrete and steel-bar cages for 30 years. The 4 bears only had small rotted wood boxes to lay in, but were not large enough for the bears to fit into completely – nor did they have an end wall to close off the box from winter snow and cold. Their owner felt they shouldn’t hibernate and made sure they stayed awake each winter for decades (this is extremely detrimental to the bears’ health and well being).

When Fifi and the others were rescued, we knew they would enjoy the Sanctuary’s underground dens and incredible array of food – both integral components that help enable them to hibernate for the first time in their lives. But we also knew they would get up multiple times during winter as they attempt to embrace the full concept of hibernating. Fifi and the others have put on the necessary weight for hibernation, and have gone underground to sleep for long periods at a time – but they still emerge from time to time to check on the world above.

This is very normal the first year a rescued bear tries to hibernate, and the behavior will not repeat the second year, since they will have mastered the concept. We are thrilled to see how big and beautiful Fifi is, and that she is doing very well with her first hibernation in 30+ years!”