The Chemtrail Conundrum


From 1998, parallel lines, X’s and grid pattern appeared in the skies as airplane exhaust sprays. Though initially confused to be contrails, they were soon found to be something else. Contrails are nothing but condensation trails. They are formed when the hot engine exhaust spontaneously condenses the particulate ice to form thin vapor trails. They are left behind and fade away in no time. Chemtrails are a different issue. They remain in the skies for longer and spread to form clouds covers.

These sprays appear frequently in the sky as a consequence of geo-engineering and space weaponry. Governmental studies have discussed the idea od spraying aluminum oxide particles as a deterrent to harmful sun rays.

Edward Teller, the father of the H-bomb, talked about this very concept in 1997 while at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. His report, Global Warming and Ice Ages, discusses slowing down global warming by deploying oxide particles. 1 million tons of the material could reflect 1% of the incoming sunlight. It would be far more economical doing so than curbing fossil fuel energy technology.

The congressional study ‘Policy Implications Of Greenhouse Warming’ of 1992 is the textbook on global warming and its related policies. The study talks of spraying the skies and dumping iron into the ocean to stimulate plankton. The consequences to these acts are relatively unknown. For example large amounts of fish have been known to perish due to the addition of iron.

Even our children are being taught on the same lines. A level one science textbook mentions that ‘jet engines add particles to the air to create an artificial sunscreen’. The same chapter has a picture of a helicopter unloading iron into the ocean. To add to all this CNN took the initiative to report on the iron solution. Thus these are not simply theories, but are widely reported facts.

It is encouraging that patents have actually been issued for the methods mentioned. For example, the 1994 Welsbach patent is for the spraying of aluminum oxide into the skies. This process of ‘seeding’ reflects 1% of the incident sunlight. The 1975 US Navy patent allows them to use a ‘contrail generating apparatus to produce powder contrails’. Note the use of the words contrail rather than chemtrail. This is purely for convenience sake and the use of the word chemtrail is generally avoided.

However in the Space Preservation Act of 2001 the word was widely employed. This bill attempts to ban chemtrails and related space-based weapons. It also refers to chemtrails as exotic weapons.

Space based weaponry could be another reason these activities take place. These chemicals can modify weather and artificially induce rain or drought in enemy’s territory. This makes deliberate acts of aggression look like natural weather phenomenon.

The HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a well-funded research project conducted in Alaska that concentrates on the changing and manipulating of atmospheric conditions. The USA hasn’t shied away from the spraying of chemical weapons in the past. In 1950, biological agents were sprayed over San Francisco to see who fell sick. Countless such examples of chemical negligence have dotted American history. The American laws have been revised in the recent past to allow conducting such experiments on the unsuspecting citizens.

Chemtrails have been found to contain aluminum, barium, viruses, human blood and molds. The air we breathe is unsafe due to these substances. As asthma is on the rise amongst the Americans, the public is still unsure of the exact intentions of chemtrail spraying. The officials remain mum and when pilots and Air Force personnel question their higher-ups on this issue they are told that such information is strictly on a ‘need-to-know basis’. They are often silenced discreetly and threatened against speaking out.

There are numerous health hazards as ascertained by the American Medical Association. Such injustice can only be dealt with by speaking out and spreading awareness. Next time you look up into the skies notice the thin trail sent out by the airplanes and think about what you must do about it.