The Saying goes: “White Bread is “dead” bread”


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White, no longer is a measure of purity.

Will the world crash without bread? It is debatable. However, the world will certainly crash if white bread continues to dominate the diet of the global majority.


White bread is made from chemically bleached flour. The toxins in the bleach are extremely hazardous to human health.

These bleaching agents include oxides of nitrogen and chlorine. Chlorine oxide, one such bleaching agent, destroys wheat germ oil and reduces the shelf life of the flour.

How then, can it ever help prolong human lives when it is unable to protect its own?

The processing the flour undergoes makes it devoid of the unsaturated fatty acids and the Vitamin E, along with the removal of wheat germ and bran. Hence, what remain, are unhealthy fattening starch and poor quality proteins.

To state a few shocking statistics, more than half the phosphorus, iron and manganese content is lost from the flour.

98% Magnesium and 80% thiamin are also destroyed. As though this isn’t reason enough to worry, it has also been found that the bleaching agent chlorine oxide combines with the remaining proteins to produce alloxan, a laboratory diabetes producing toxin.

Keeping in mind all the health hazards of white bread, the Swiss Government has thus imposed a tax on its purchase.

The taxed amount goes to bakers to promote the manufacture of whole wheat bread, full of all the “good” nutrients.

The Canadian government has imposed a ban on the “enrichment” of white bread with synthetic vitamins, for their presence causes more harm than their absence.

Why go for a mimic, when you can get the original? And why wait for the Government when you can take care of yourself? It is now time to act, for self-help is the best help.
Source: thefishbowlnetwork