Take a look at 10 of the world’s most unsafe countries for women

Take a look at 10 of the world’s most unsafe countries for women

Regardless of how much awareness is generated towards the safety and respect of women, some people never learn! There are various countries around the world which have a total disregard for women’s rights, where the birth of a girl child is something to be frowned upon. The world isn’t a safe place for women, if it is sexual harassment at work in western countries; it is torture, female feticide and rape in the third world.

When is man ever going to learn that YOU ARE THE PRODUCT OF A WOMAN? The biggest human failing in men is the ability to see another woman as an object without the knowledge that another man somewhere could well be eyeing your sister too. Are we ever going to change?? Take a look at this compilation which reports the most horrible proof of the disrespect of women in society. Here are 10 of the world’s most unsafe countries for women.

#1. Afghanistan

The photo given below is of 17 year old, Shamsia, the victim of a Taliban acid attack in Kabul on November 15 2008. A survey conducted by the Thomas Reuters Foundation found Afghanistan to be the worst place for women in the world. Afghanistan’s female illiteracy stands at 87%, where child marriage is common, making the childbirth mortality ratio as high as 1600 in 100,000 live births.


#2. The Democratic Republic of Congo

Female discrimination and domestic violence is common in Congo where according to the American Journal of Public Health almost 1150 face abuse and discrimination daily.

The Democratic Republic of Congo

#3. Somalia

One can hardly hope to find any sense of law and order in Somalia where chaos reigns. The most shocking fact of Somalia which could possibly be the most disgusting too, is genital mutilation where 95% of women face such a torturous ordeal between the ages of 4-11. It is sickening to the core to think that it is women themselves who condone such practices too. One need not even refer to the female abuse, discrimination and violence meted out to women which goes without saying.

#4. Colombia

Colombia features the highest domestic violence cases in the world. What’s incredible about such atrocity is that there is little legal aid or justice for such an open flouting of social norms. Despite of NGOs existing, who care for victims of domestic violence; the perpetrators of such crimes roam freely without any action taken whatsoever.


#5. Egypt

Sexual harassment is rampant in Egypt and so is domestic violence. Women do not even have recourse to the judicial system as Egyptian females do not enjoy the basic social rights of divorce, child custody and alimony or inheritance.

#6. Mexico

Like Colombia, Mexican laws have little scope to protect women from abuse, sexual harassment and domestic violence. In fact women do not even file reports fearing for their lives.


#7. Pakistan

In certain areas of Pakistan, atrocious practices are subjected on women. These include the barbaric punishment of stoning, child marriage and of course domestic violence. Acid attacks are also reported in large numbers, not forgetting murder and dowry.

#8. India

Of late, India is succeeding in its progress of intolerance and disrespect towards women. Gang rapes happen too often, child marriage is still prevalent despite of it being illegal and research over the last 30 years has pegged cases of female feticide and infanticide at a staggering 50 million. In some pockets of India, it is not surprising to see even a women weeping and screeching at the misfortune of a baby girl being born in the family. India has scope for righting several wrongs done to women, where just as rapes and domestic violence are common, so is general awareness and social activism of crimes against women.


#9. Thailand

Thailand may be all hunky dory where tourism is concerned, but so what?? It is a country where women face sexual harassment and the biggest culprit is liquor.

#10. Brazil

Maybe Brazil has given us a spectacle called soccer and as we may enjoy it within the confines of our homes, there is another sad story unfolding within the dark side of Brazil. The country is dangerous for women where every 15 seconds one woman is assaulted either on the streets or at home. Abortion however is banned in Brazil with a prison term of three years.