Chinese Residents Stunned By Skeletal Remains Of 18-Meter-Long ‘Dragon’

They say dragons are real. Or at least they are in Game of Thrones, and other science fiction movies and series.


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But apparently, a group of people from China is convinced that these mythical creatures are not just a myth. Residents of a Chinese town have come across the remains of what many believe is a ‘Dragon’ or at least a mysterious creature that resembles one, which measures an astonishing 18 meters in length.

The strange skeleton has two small “arms” that protrude from the center and a head that looks suspiciously like the skull of a cow. In addition, the bones still seem to have traces of flesh attached. The locals believe the remains of the creature is evidence that Dragons are real–or at least were.

The alleged mythical creature was found in a field in the city of Zhangjiakou, in Hebei Province, in northern China.


Unlike dragons depicted in Western mythology, traditional Chinese dragons do not have wings and fly “swimming” in the air with movements similar to those of a snake sliding on the ground.

Images snapped by several witnesses show dozens of villagers surrounding the skeleton of the alleged creature, which looks as if it just crashed and burned straight out of Game of Thrones.

Locals are not sure what to make of the discovery.

Some say its real, others say it’s not.

As soon as the discovery of the ‘Dragon’ skeleton popped up on social networks, users started posting their theories about the discovery.

Netizens on Chinese social networks said the skeleton may have been placed there intentionally, perhaps as props for a movie, but so far no one has confirmed nor denied these claims.

We find more details about the discovery on the website,, where users wrote that the skeleton looked like a product made from cow or sheep bones.

A user also posted a photo of locals “riding” the creature and said the image was proof that they knew it was a joke: “The villagers were sitting on it and, when taking photos, showed no respect, so it was obvious they knew what it was “he wrote.

Local authorities in Zhangjiakou have still not issued a statement concerning the remains of the “dragon”. But regardless of the origins of the skeleton, the video has already been seen more than 10 million times.

Isn’t the internet beautiful?

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