This Sweet Dog Swims Everyday To Meet His Dolphin Friend

Just because two animals are different species, doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. In Tory Island, about 9 miles off the north west-coast of County Donegal in Ireland in a place called Middletown there is a Labrador retriever that lives in the hotel nearby.

The crew of BBC’s Countryfile were filming in the harbor of Tory Island, when you see the adorable labrador run down the road to the harbor, he goes down the stairs into the water and starts swimming. He paddles out and meets a dolphin. The two animals swim around together. The nearby hotel calls this dolphin ‘Dougie’ and he comes to play often with the dog.

The man in the video from BBC’s Countryfile says that this is a common occurrence, and you can see the dog come down to swim with the dolphin at least a couple times during the week. He says ‘I’ve never seen anything like it.’

The adorable dog and dolphin don’t swim very far, they just splash around together for a little while, going in circles and spending time together.

On this particular day, the dolphin follows a boat out to sea, so the dog comes back to the shore where the man greets him at the shore.

You can see the dog swimming to the shore, and the man calls him a good boy. He says ‘you’re the only dog I’ve known who can swim with dolphins.’

What makes this video even more adorable is that James Taylor’s song ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ plays in the background as the animals play together. This video has over 7 million views on Youtube.