Slow PC! slow laptop! don’t go to technician, you can fix it in few easy steps

Often those who are not aware of small basic functionalists of their PC/ laptop are fooled by other tech support and charged many money, but the way is simple.
Anyone having slow PC slow laptop problem can fix it themselves with these basic steps.

There maybe following reasons your PC or laptop might be slow:-
*Virus or Malware attack issue
Your PC/ Laptop is may be slow if it is affected by many malware or virus.

If you have a antivirus/ antimalware program then update it and then scan your PC/ Laptop with it. Run a complete scan. It is very important to disconnect your internet connect while scan is going, because few virus programs have the ability to use internet, and then it will come again after the scan is completed.

If you don’t have any antivirus then you can take and then use it.

* Multiple antivirus program:
If your Computer have more than 1 antivirus program, then this will adversely affect the speed of your PC/ laptop. It is always recommended to use only 1 antivirus program. Others should be uninstalled from your system.

*Lot of unwanted software:
If you have installed any and many software programs in your system then it might also add to the speed issue of your system. It is better to remove i.e uninstall all of the extra software from your system.
1 way to do this is
-go to run (where you can also go by pressing windows key in your keyboard along with ‘R’ button),
-type ‘appwiz.cpl’
– press enter
Now you can choose any unwanted software which you want to remove, or which is a waste to your PC.

*Optimization with software:
You can use few software to clean your PC/ laptop, remove waste data from temp folder and other useless occupied space, by help of few software. You can also do it manually, but I prefer software, which saves our time.
I use CCleaner for this purpose and recommend it also. You can download it’s free version from here:-
After installation, simply click on ‘analyse’ and then on ‘Run Cleaner’ and it will do the needful.

*Low RAM
If the RAM of a PC is low then it will run slow. This generally happens with old PC/ laptop, having RAM of 512 MB of less. The only alternate of this is to purchase more RAM and add it. This is a hardware issue.

By this you must see a good improvement in the speed of your system. It’s all basic steps and that all of you can do. Do let us know if you took advantage of it and if you want anything more.


Slow PC! slow laptop issue! Do Not go to technician! here is the Perfect way to resolve it for Free