#1 Jefferson Davis Never Tried For Treason


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It turns out that confederate President Davis was never tried out of fear that a jury might find him innocent or if he was found guilty, he would become a martyr

 #2 Last Known Cycad Tree In The World

This Cycad tree was found in 1985. After being taken to Royal Botanical Gardens, it continued to grow, but no other trees of this kind was ever found.

 #3 Dante’s Vision Of Bankers

In this piece of art, bankers are sent to a place even lower than hell.

 #4 Utah’s Four Day Work Week

Utah instituted a four day work week in 2008, due to the bank collapse. They reported that their workers were more productive and that they saved millions of dollars on energy, cutting carbon emissions by 14%.

#5 Luke Skywalker Gay

Mark Hamill revealed that he thought Luke Skywalker was gay and that notion was backed by director J.J. Abrams when he said that it would be too narrow minded to believe a world existed with out gay people.

#6 One Of The Ship Designers Was On Board Titanic When It Sunk

Thomas Andrews Jr., one of the ships designers of the Titanic, went down with ship as he helped people onto lifeboats and threw anything he could into the water to help people float.