Are we REALLY supposed to believe that Phillip Marshall who was working hard to expose the LIES behind 9/11 just decided to kill himself, his dog and 2 kids without questioning more???


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Phillip Marshall is a seasoned pilot and insider of deep state politics. Back in the 70’s, during the Iran-Contra scandal he flew drug king pin,Barry Seal, around for the DEA and CIA. 

For those who don’t know the Iran-Contra scandal was a massive illegal operation under the Ronald Reagan administration in which the U.S. government through drug dealers, mercenaries and the CIA, were illegally selling weapons to Iran, and allowing massive amounts of cocaine to be smuggled into the U.S. (which sparked the crack epidemic) in an effort to fund the Contra army (which were a terrorist group not much different than ISIS) to overthrow the Nicaraguan government. Barry Seal was a key figure in this operation. He turned state witness for the DEA but before he could testify he was found murdered in his car.

In other words, Marshall, was an insider. He had a deeper understanding of deep state politics than most people.

After 9/11, Marshall became angry and believed what took place was premeditated and not unexpected as the government had told us and decided to turn into a whistleblower. But after his first book, he continued to dig deeper and began discovering new information and this (in addition to the inconsistencies surrounding his death) is what makes his friends, family members and researchers  believe that he was murdered.

Upon discovery of the crime scene, the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office claimed it was a suicide and that Marshall killed both children as well as the family dog but those who knew Marshall say there is no way this is possible. He has been described as a“devoted father”and a happy man. He and his family were also wealthy. In other words, there is no logical reason for him to carry out these killings. Perhaps the biggest give away though, is Marshall has been shot through the left side of his head, but he is right handed. In spite of this obvious clue that it was a murder the police claim it was a suicide.

Security Agency Officer Wayne Madsen believes the  9/11 investigative author Philip Marshall and his children and dog were certainly killed in a “black ops hit” by the CIA or other associated organizations. Marshall even explained to those close to him that he was in fear of his families wellbeing for his revelations about 9/11.

Marshall came across info that showed that 9/11 was irrefutably an inside job. One of the top reviews on Amazon claims to have known Marshall personally as a fellow pilot and explains;

By far, this is the best book on the 9/11. There’s no kook writings or wild theories. The only thing I can’t understand is how this information has been obstructed for so long. All the aviation writing is authentic and clear. His recreation of all the hijacked flights, especially American 77, is chilling and answers virtually every question I had regarding how that flight was operated. It is ridiculously obvious that this tactical plan was planned from the inside.

I agree with EVERYTHING written in The Big Bamboozle. These boys on Wall Street and Capital Hill have crossed the bloodiest of lines and they won’t get away with it. With the evidence compiled in this one book, the cat is out of the bag.

Press TV also made a short documentary on Marshall’s murder which you can watch below;