How to lead a more spiritual life, the Native American way.


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Native American’s are considered to be highly spiritual people who have avoided getting caught up in the rat-race of the modern world.

They hold some pretty amazing beliefs and have a great understanding of how the world works, and how to be happy within it.

Here are 20 Native American tips to give you a better quality of life.

1. Get up early to pray

It doesn’t have to be a prayer to a specific God, you can just tell the universe how thankful you are for all the good things you see in the world.

2. Be kind to those who have not yet found the right path

It’s easy to be judgmental but the Native American’s are not quick to judge, meaning they allow more kindness to people who have not yet found their way in the world.

3. Find yourself in your manner

Manners maketh the men – treat those around you with the respect you would like in return.

4. A guest in your home should be made to feel welcome

Always open your door to friends and strangers alike, and greet them with open arms

5. Earn what you take

Never expect anything, always be prepared to work hard for what you have.

6.Respect the earth

The earth is a living thing, and it is our home, treat her with the respect that she deserves.

7. Be true to the wishes of others

Allow others to speak their mind and respect their opinion, even if you don’t necessarily agree with it.

8. Never talk behind someone’s back

Gossip can be the downfall of a person, only speak to people’s faces, never about them.

9. Always forgive

No matter how someone has wronged you, always be willing to forgive.

10. Get rid of bad thoughts

Always be ready to stamp down a bad thought before it has time to materialize, this will lead to a better peace of mind.

11.Nature does not belong to us

We live around and with nature, it is our neighbor, not something that we should strive to own.

12. Children are the future

Children are our hope for the future, and should be treated with the respect they deserve.

13. Never try to hurt someone’s feelings

Causing emotional pain to others will only come back to haunt you in the future.

14. Be still, honest and true

Take time to appreciate the world and everything around you, slow down and take a more relaxed pace in life.

15. Create a healthy balance

Manage your work, relationships and downtime by giving them all the time they deserve.

16. Be concsious

Always be aware of your thoughts, and be the master of them.

17. Respect the property of others

Never damage or touch something that doesn’t belong to you.

18. Be yourself before anyone else

Always be true to yourself, don’t change yourself for others.

19. Respect other’s beliefs

Don’t force your own belief upon anyone else.

20. Share happiness and wealth

Whatever you have, share it with your fellow men.