18 Bone Chilling Incidents That Defy Any Explanation


Take a warm blanket and maybe some extra socks. What you are about to read will give you the chills and make your hair raise.

As we go to sleep at night, we like to tell ourselves that we live in a world of certainties. Guess again! Absurd and damn-right disturbing incidents wake us up to a reality that hides the truth and make our feet weak with anxiety and helplessness.

1. Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is one bone-chilling account that can give vivid nightmares to even the most fearless mountaineer.

Nine ski hikers died in bizarre circumstances in the Ural Mountains, and people still fight over reasonable explanations. The official report says that an “unknown compelling force” had caused the deaths.

But enough with the paperwork! Something made the unfortunate souls tear the tent from the inside at the middle of the night and flee into the freezing night without proper clothes. Even more unsettling is that one of the female corpses was found with her tongue and eyes missing.

Let’s line up the usual suspects for you to make a guess. Was it a horrendous military test, a bear maul, or just some aliens fooling around? Or maybe the hikers happened to camp in the living room of Menk (Russian equivalent of Bigfoot).

Next time you go up a mountain do yourself a favor and bring a gun, or at least write your will. Or, even better, don’t go at all!

We remain at sub-zero temperatures with another incident that is guaranteed to shock you.

2. The Ice Woman of Minnesota

It might sound crazy, but you better sit down before reading the incredible story of Jean Hilliard.

Bone-chilling occurred in the literal sense of the expression, as the poor woman came back from the dead after a severe 6-hour freeze. Jean Hilliard was found outside a friend’s house and rushed to a nearby hospital, from where she earned herself a spot in medical history.

Jean’s body was frozen solid, and the story claims doctors couldn’t pierce her skin with a needle. Her pulse slowed down to 12 beats per minute, and medics were preparing to call it a day.

That’s when the miracle occurred. Hilliard woke up from the coma and made a remarkable recovery without any permanent frostbite damage.

How did the Ice Woman of Minnesota survive? The best guess is that the alcohol in her bloodstream (she was 19 at the time!!) acted as an antifreeze agent.

3. Death of Elisa Lam

Not only did Elisa Lam’s death defied any reasonable explanation, but footage of her bizarre behavior went viral on the Internet.

The 21-year-old Chinese student can be seen going in and out of an elevator repeatedly like she was hiding from someone invisible. Paranormal enthusiasts labeled the case as a classic poltergeist.

Elisa’s body was uncovered in circumstances that will most likely make you throw up your last meal. The British Columbia student was recovered from a water tank at the top of Cecil Hotel in central Los Angeles after guests complained about water quality.

Elisa was found floating naked in the water, with her clothes beside her. The autopsy lasted four months and revealed no signs of violence.

Although officials pointed the finger at suicide triggered by an overwhelming mental condition, the public apparently wanted to see the first ghost brought down at the precinct with handcuffs.

Up next is a strange behavior that still defies logic.

4. Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic

A laughter epidemic doesn’t sound that bad, right?

When it ends up closing schools the first thought to come to mind is that pupils conceived and put to work a dastardly plan for an extended vacation away from textbooks. However, the Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic was a serious incident that defied common sense, at least at the begging.

Everything started in 1962 at girls’ school in Kanshasha. What followed seems taken directly out of science fiction. Laughter spread like a contagious disease, shutting down 14 schools and affecting more than 1,000 people.

The government instituted a quarantine, barely managing to avoid a nation-wide problem. With symptoms like flatulence, random screaming, and even fainting, it’s easy to guess why people couldn’t stop laughing.

Don’t you agree it is hard to believe all the commotion was just so that a bunch of African kids could skip school? Scientists even have a name for what happened in what is now modern-day Tanzania – mass psychogenic illness (hysteria).

The next bone-chilling incident reminded everyone that an Apocalypse is pending to happen.

5. Tunguska Incident

What happened in the Siberian Taiga 100 years ago is the kind of incident that leaves scientists scratching their heads and heading for the local pub to wash everything away with a cold beer.

Something came from the skies and exploded above the Earth surface, devastating 2,000 km2 of uninhabited land. Estimated at one-third of the biggest nuclear load ever detonated on Earth (the Tsar bomb), the Tunguska event sent shockwaves around the world.

Was it a meteor, a black hole colliding with our planet, or just a case of alien DUI? No one knows for sure, and evidence collected from the site was contradictory.

A bone-chilling theory emerged from the underworld of the science-fiction community and might make sense if you prefer doomsday scenarios. An advanced civilization took the powerful 1883 volcanic eruption of Mt. Krakatoa as a nuclear test and sent a congratulatory response.

On the next page, you will get to know a medieval incident that remained a mystery.

6. Dancing Plague of 1518

If the Laughter Epidemic didn’t send chills down your spine, it means the Dancing Plague of 1518 will do the job.

More than 400 inhabitants of Strasbourg (France) took part in a dancing frenzy that lasted for a full month. The incident saw most of them succumb due to heart attack, stroke, or exhaustion.

You might say this is nothing compared to the dance craze of the early rock and roll era. Indeed, it’s somehow hard to see the medieval folks as the “work hard, play hard” kind of people. When the feudal lord is busting your ass to speed up the harvest, there is little time for celebration.

Again, the phenomenon could be mass hysteria or hallucinogens that somehow ended up in the food.

Coming up next is an anomaly that turned astronomers into alien enthusiasts.

7. KIC 8462852 – The WTF Star

A dim point in the night sky, KIC 8462852 made both astronomers and citizen scientists lose their minds about the prospect of uncovering an alien mega structure.

Although known since the 19th century, KIC 8462852 gained worldwide recognition only in 2011, when data from Kepler space telescope showed a hair-raising behavior. The star displayed significant light fluctuations as if something huge was orbiting around it.

We are not talking planets here, but something far larger. The irregular pattern made even the most down-to-earth researchers take into account the possibility of something artificial.

Ultra-advanced aliens might try to harness the energy of their dying sun by enclosing it inside a giant structure. You will be spooked to know the phenomenon happened again in May 2017. Is this history in the making?

Coming up next is the incredible story of a state ruler who simply disappeared.

8. The Disappearance of Harold Holt

There is nothing wrong with people vanishing into thin air. Everything changes when they are high rank officials.

Harold Holt was the 17th PM of Australia, one that held office for a surprisingly short period. And that’s not because of a wild motion.

Holt went for a swim and never made it back. Not only that, but they never managed to reclaim his body from the cruel sea.

The mysterious disappearance happened in December 1967 and disappointed voters held for a long time the belief that Holt booked an early Christmas vacation. The investigation failed to explain how a seasoned swimmer like Holt lost the battle with the waves.

What do you think? Was it a suicide or did the Queen made a quick phone call to the guys at MI6 wearing thick sunglasses?

Then again, this is Australia, a land where every living creature plots to kill you. Therefore, we can easily replace drowning with a “nope bite” as the most probable cause of death.

Stop hating your politicians so much! They might, you know, disappear one day.

Do you believe in miracles? The next incident might change your mind.

9. Miracle of the Sun

Almost 100 years ago, thousands gathered near Fátima, Portugal to watch a miracle promised by three shepherd children that had a small chat with the Virgin Mary.

And they did not return home disappointed. For a solid ten minutes, the laws of physics were suspended, and the sun danced in the sky, emitting bright multi-colored rays.

The so-called “Miracle of the Sun” left behind only eye-witness accountants. Last time we checked, you can’t take a photo of the sun in broad daylight.

What happened at Fátima condemns us to walk on quicksand. One bad word about it and the Catholic Church might condemn us for heresy. On the other hand, science yells at us some known optical phenomenon might qualify as an explanation.

However, fierce critics go as far as to say that staring too much at the sun can make you hallucinate and see things. According to them, there was nothing but mass hysteria.

Are you aware that there might be an infinite number of parallel universes? Check out a mysterious incident that ranks as proof!

10. The Man from Taured

Officials at Tokyo Haneda Airport felt a cold sweat running down their backs when a man went through customs claiming to be from the country of Taured.

Let’s refresh your mind of the political map of the world if 1954. There was never a country called Taured – at least not in this Universe. That takes us to a nerve-wracking conclusion that the unknown traveler might have crossed in from an alternate reality.

Airport officials reported that the man was perplexed not to find the great country of Taured where Andorra lies on the map. And the mystery didn’t end with that.

After talking with their superiors, airport staff decided to retain the traveler for further questioning. He was gone, never to be heard off, and probably still drifting in an alien world where everything went wrong.

The legend says that he still inquires about charters to Taured. Though luck!

You will not like what happened to a happy family living at a remote farm in Germany!

11. The Hinterkaifeck Mystery

Behold, the creepy 1922 photo of the Hinterkaifeck farm, a place where a crime of unprecedented brutality remained unsolved until today.

Killings occurring in the countryside are the worst, mostly because the weapons are rudimentary and there is no compromise regarding sheer brutality. Blame a mattock for the murder of Andreas Gruber (63) and his family.

Grab some extra clothes to put on you! We will reveal bone-chilling details about what happened. The killer/killers acted in cold-blood and even spend the weekend there, looking after the farm.

The unfortunate souls living at the farm were lured and slaughtered one by one. 7-year-old Cäzilia was the least lucky. She survived the initial mauling and was left to die in agony. The report says she tore tufts of hair while mourning after her loved ones.

Coming up next is a modern phenomenon that went completely out of control.

12. Creepy Clown Pandemic

2016 was a wacky year, and just when everyone was preparing to enjoy their August vacation, news came of numerous copy-cat incidents involving clowns.

The craze started in South Carolina, where a 9-year-old boy told his parents that clowns tried to lure him into a back alley. What followed was un unprecedented number of clown sightings that occurred throughout the entire world.

As the whole thing went viral, more and more people unleashed the clown within and went on to ambush, attack, and even murder random victims.

The response of the authorities was slow, as this was the first major Internet-inspired criminal phenomenon went out of control. From banning clown costumes to late hour curfews, nothing proved efficient.

The creepy clown pandemic ended as mysterious as it started. Once the social media hype was out, genuine clowns were back to business in circuses and birthday parties.

On the next page, you finally get to see a bone-chilling incident that has a solid explanation attached to it.

13. Miracle of the Andes

Don’t get your hopes too high with this one! Although miraculous, the following tale of survival involves gruesome details.

Air Force Flight 571 was supposed to carry a rugby union team from Montevideo (Uruguay) to Santiago (Chile). While crossing the Andes, the pilot’s poor judgment led to a plane crash that left the original 27 survivors stranded in the wilderness, at more than 4,000m.

Hold your guts for this one! Starvation pushed those left alive to a horrible decision – to consume the flesh of the dead or to face an agonizingly slow death. Yep, from the comfort of your full fridge, it is easy to raise ethical dilemmas. After an arduous battle with repulsion, the survivors finally accepted cannibalism was their only savior.

In the end, only 16 went down the mountain, bringing with them a story that terrified the modern world and turned many into vegans.

Could the next case be the most reliable piece of evidence for alien abduction?

14. The Valentich Disappearance

Take a good look at the last known picture of Frederick Valentich.

The twenty-year-old disappeared while on a training flight over Bass Strait (Australia), in what is one of the most compelling cases of UFO abduction.

The story is backed by a bone-chilling live radio communication with mission control that ends with the cryptic “it’s not an aircraft,” immediately followed by a metallic scraping sound.

The 1978 incident triggered a massive search operation that revealed nothing. Years passed, and multiple UFO cases occurring in the area made it even more evident that Valentich ended up on a dissection table in an alien laboratory.

The irony was that the Australian pilot was an ardent UFO believer. The same argument fuels skeptics to believe Valentich staged his death and is now alive and well, laughing at the stunt he pulled.

We are far from understanding everything! The next page will take you right at the fringes.

15. The Oakville Blobs

On August 7, 1994, the good people of Oakville, Washington were preparing to greet with excitement the first drops of rain coming after a long drought.

However, their joy was short-lived and quickly turned into mass hysteria when it turned out that there was no water coming down from the sky. Instead, a mysterious blob made them think about the Plagues of Egypt or that a surprising alien invasion was on its way.

The transparent gelatinous substance baffled the locals, and the first reflex was to act nicely towards the local Jewish population. Things reached a climax once a family fell sick with a mysterious illness. The unusual rain had repeated two more times before it left the area for good.

It was not the first time such substance fell from the skies. “Star jelly” and “caca de luna” are two alternative names given to the phenomenon.

The wildest claim suggests that the blob contains organic molecule from outer space. That’s how life spreads throughout the Universe, at least if we are to believe such a preposterous theory.

A strange question haunted people’s minds more than the crime itself. You must read!

16. Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm?

Some crimes are so horrific, they remain in public memory for decades, and eventually become Halloween material.

That’s the case of the woman discovered by several children inside a wych elm in Hagley Wood. The picturesque community in Worcestershire, England, was turned upside down by a crime which terrified an entire nation and remained unsolved until today.

First of all, the police had no means to prove that the woman killed in 1944 was indeed Bella. Second, the coroners established that at least 18 months elapsed since the crime took place and the moment the boys discovered the body.

Nevertheless, what bothers people the most is that a mysterious graffiti keeps showing up on public buildings of the area. Is the killer trying to play cat and mouse with the authorities? Does he/she feel neglected and disappointed the investigation led nowhere?

Oh, and let’s make it clear for you, just to understand why the case made it on our list. Bella’s body was brutally forced down the hollow trunk. Suddenly, every tree in the region became a potential crime scene, and people had a hard time walking through the woods.

The next case might give you wrong ideas. Don’t try that yourself!

17. D.B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper is the name of the man that performed an impossible heist.

Cooper hijacked a plane and parachuted himself into oblivion together with the $200,000 he demanded as ransom. The daredevil jumped somewhere between Portland and Seattle, claiming a cozy place in American folklore.

What followed was an impressive manhunt led by the FBI that lasted for 45 years. Yep, the leading law enforcement agency had to call off the search in 2016, after they had realized the investigation cost more than the money Cooper extorted.

What is amazing and frightening at the same time is that the so-called D.B. Cooper managed to get away with his crime. Religious folks said he was the Devil. Others were not so sure he survived the jump. Obviously, there are those convinced Cooper went trough a sex-change operation and embraced a different persona.

Whatever happened with Cooper, the 1971 incident remains the only unsolved case of piracy in commercial aviation history.

Let’s please our UFO fanatics with another instance that has 99% chances of proving their point.

18. Rendlesham Forest Incident

The 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident ranks as one of the most terrifying UFO cases in history.

And that’s not because three-legged aliens chase humans with laser beans. No, the implications were much bigger, indicating a cover-up similar to the one that happened at Roswell.

Rendlesham Forest (Suffolk, England) attracted alien interest because it was very close to two old Royal Air Force airfields, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. That’s where it gets creepy. Those bases held a secret nuclear arsenal ready to be deployed in case the Cold War turned hot.

The Rendlesham Forest incident had all the ingredients of a classic encounter – mysterious lights, fast moving objects, and high levels of radiation left behind. All that and tons of eye-witness accounts. Are you sitting for this one? We are not talking about nutcases willing for exposure. Both local police officers and high-rank officials from the Air Force agreed on the same bone-chilling account.

“Bullets are cheap.” Those are supposed comments coming from superiors that made the military personnel involved in the UFO incident quiet down their cry for disclosure.