lethal Toxins found in Fast Food Chicken Nuggets!


Frying chicken is quite simple although a little messy. Anyone can dip chicken pieces in a mixture of milk and egg and then roll them in the pack of spices and flour to be cooked in a sizzling hot oil pan till all the pieces become crispy, delicious, and brown.

But hey! Never forget to add even dash of dimethylpolysiloxane, a type of anti-foaming agent prepared by silicone used in several cosmetics and Silly Putty.

Then add spoonful of tertiary butylhydroquinone or TBHQ, used as a chemical preservative as well as butane (lighter fluid) form. Only 1 gram of TBHQ can create “vomiting, nausea, delirium, ringing in ears, collapse, and sense of suffocation” as per “Consumer’s vocabulary of Food Additives”. And just 5 grams of TBHQ might even kill you.

If you sprinkle 13 other corn-derived ingredients in it, you are only 20 shy as many ingredients found in a single McDonald’s chicken nugget. And you thought that you were making use of pulverized chicken skin as well as mechanically reclaimed meat to make chicken, right?

Not in this case- any person in their right mind would cook chicken just like this method. Even then on a daily basis, several Americans eat these dangerous ingredients in their McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets that claims to be “made only with white meat and then wrapped in crisp batter of tempura.”

Still, chicken merely accounts for almost half of the Chicken McNugget and the remaining half includes large percentage of leavening agents, sugars, several synthetic ingredients, and corn derivatives, meaning that several parts of nugget don’t come from the farm at all. Most of them hail from petroleum plant. Still feeling hungry?

The scariest fact is that it is an improved and new recipe which is much “healthier.” The Chicken McNugget was launched way back in 2003 after a federal judge said about the poultry bites which were deep fried as “McFrankenstein is creation of several elements that are not utilized by home cook.” Another scary fact about McFrankenuggets is that they are overpoweringly marketed to the children who fall for their fun shapes as well as kids’ friendly size.

McDonald’s is poster child for the fast food ire- if anyone looks at chicken’s nutritional information at any other fast food restaurant, their ingredient list would be several dozen items longer than the usual chicken, flour, egg, and oil recipe that one uses at home mostly.

Consuming fast food is one habit but to break it is another thing? Undoubtedly, you hardly ever plan to enjoy a lunch at Carl’s, a delicious dinner at Arby’s, or special breakfast at Burger King at the airport. All these things just happen out of the blue. If anyone is hungry, late, broke, tired, etc; these meals come to the rescue of that person. A friendly sign from roadside- Drive-through- is made to attract more people!

In the next five minute, a person would be happily consuming a filling and inexpensive meal. But it is the just the façade- please don’t be fooled- fast food’s true cost comes out of the body, health, and less years on the planet- if not from your wallet.

Instead, you can break free from such unhealthy fast food habits by educating yourself about their true ingredients and to plan ahead for the next meals. Also, carrying a healthy snack box having several nuts can come to your rescue to ward off that hunger pang and even cook healthy chicken based recipes at home yourself. You can also convince yourself that the fast food you ’love’ is probably one of the most disgusting thing on earth that is very harmful for you and for your loved ones.

After reading this one, it shouldn’t be very hard for you.
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