Impotent Man Demands Wife to sleep with his brother and then started to Torture her

In Rajkot (India), lives a man whose sickening demand from his wife led to a night of domestic violence. The accused husband pressurised his wife to make sexual relations with his brother and then viciously beat her up when she refused to oblige.

The 40-year-old woman sustained horrible injuries after the vile man attacked her in an animalistic rage leaving her with a fractured arm after ganging up with his brother.

It was learnt that the accused man is impotent which was the reason for a discontent physical relation between the couple.

However, his disgusting thoughts gave birth to the demand that his wife must be bedded by his brother — something which the woman sternly objected.

The victim told the police that her parents have passed away and it was her second marriage after she divorced her first husband over an abusive relation.
Soon after the second marriage the woman learnt of her husband Brijesh’s impotency and peeved for being kept in dark about it, she left to reside with her sister only to return few days later.

That’s when her torturous time began. Brijesh gave her the ultimatum that she must comply with his demands else will be thrown out of the house.


The woman told the police when she refused to agree with her husband’s demand, he tortured her with whatever he could get a hold of.



The police have registered a case against her brother-in-law and her husband is absconding ever since.

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