A Chinese miracle story for everyone 


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*An expectant mother, in 2010, named Zhang Rongxiang, survived a horrible car crash but slipped into coma.
*While she was being rushed to the hospital, the doctors found her to be pregnant.
*They took good care for her by letting baby grow for next five months to be delivered via the C-section.
*After his birth, the baby named Gao Qianbo has stayed all the time by the side of his mother- while she was in coma.


What followed was simply amazing.


A true love of two year old son Gao Qianbo resulted in her waking up to his voice in May to meet him for the first time.


He helpfully chews up his mother’s food and also feeds her from mouth to mouth.


He also learned to nourish her by grinding her food before giving it by mouth to mouth.


She also swallows the food that Gao chews up food and feeds mouth to mouth to her.


She can swallow but can’t chew her own food. In order to avoid the pureed hospital meals, the mother is given regular food that Gao chews before passing to her mouth.




Now, Gao spends his time by bedside of his mother daily- to let her eat and also make her happy.




All the doctors there were surprised when she unbelievably woke to Gao’s little sound in May last year.




The whole family is surviving mostly on the government subsistence as well as some help from the friends and relatives, Yangtze Evening Post reported.