A man in India has kept his arm raised for nearly 45 years, and says he does so for world peace. However, there are different versions of why he’s determined to do so.


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In 1973, a man named Mahant Amar Bharti Ji raised his right hand, never to put it down again.

Three years before he raised his hand, he had left his family, friends, and his job as a clerk to devote himself to religious beliefs. But he felt he was still connected to his old life, and decided to raise his hand as a sign of devotion. The result of his sacrifice is a useless hand and calloused nails.

However, there are other versions that say he gave up using his arm to separate himself from the pleasures of mortal life.

Amar has stated the reason for incessantly keeping his right hand raised is for world peace. Many of his followers have followed him in raising their arm for years, or even decades. When asked if he experienced any pain initially, he said that it used to be painful, but he has become used to it.

Speaking of his decision, he said, “I am not asking for too much. Why do we fight among ourselves, why do we have so much hatred, enmity against each other?”

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Although the muscles in Amar’s right arm have atrophied, making it stuck in a vertical position, as reported by Opposing Views, he’s determined in his cause: “I want all Indians to live in peace. I want the whole world to live in peace,” he added.

Source : extraordinaryinfo.com