Living Without Recognition Is A Skill

A farmer had a horse and a goat. One day, the horse became unwell, the farmer called up the veterinarian to know the cause.

Vet said- “Your horse has a virus. I’ll give medicines for three days. If he doesn’t get better, we’ll put him down.

A goat listened to their conversation closely and told the horse the same thing.

1st day, Horse couldn’t feel better but goat tried to motivate him again and again.

2nd day, again horse felt unwell and couldn’t stand up but the goat kept on boosting his morale up.

3rd day, when the vet came to see the horse, he said that he’ll have to put him down as virus is going to spread.

After a few moments, goat came up to the horse to say this is your last day, come and get up and be on the job or else you’ll be killed. Come on, you can.

And surprisingly the horse started running in the field!

The farmer started shouting in amazement and said- “It’s a miracle! The horse is cured and there should be a big party.  Come on, let’s kill the goat!

Moral of the story:

No one really knows which worker actually deserves the advantage of success and who’s truly contributing the essential support in every work.

This shows that Living without recognition is a skill too…

Now on, if someone tells you are unprofessional, always remember that the amateurs built the ark and professionals built the titanic.