Know Yourself Whether You are Optimistic or pessimistic

Optimism and pessimism are a window through which we see the world. The attitude we adopt towards people, events and situations affects our goals, behavior and progress in every aspect of our lives. Do you tend to see the glass half empty or half full? To find it out, read these statements and imagine that you are experiencing the described situation. How would you react? Some answers may not match perfectly with what you think, but choose the answer that is closer to your way of thinking.

At the end of the test, see which answers match with optimistic or pessimistic attitude. Find your score and judge yourself.

1. You find a dollar bill on the street. You will think:

A. “What a lucky person I am!”

B. “What an observant person I am!”

2. After following a strict diet you manage to lose 10 pounds. You are thinking:

A. “How effective this diet is! I hope to lose more pounds.”

B. “My efforts have brought results! I will manage to lose the pounds I want.”

3. You are at a party and you meet a friend of yours you are very glad to see. Your thoughts are:

A. “Fortunately I decided to come to the party.”

B. “I was in the right place at the right time.”

4. You were going to organize a picnic with friends and but it is raining. You are thinking:

A. “I should have planned it better.”

B. “What a misfortune! The next time everything will be fine.”

5. You win a quiz. You will think:

A. “I guess I have a good memory after all.”

B. “Fortunately the quiz had questions that I knew the answers to.”

6. It’s the end of the month and you do not have enough money to pay all the bills. You are thinking:

A. “It was not a good month. The next month the things will get better.”

B. “ I am not very good at money management I guess.”


1. A. pessimism B. optimism

2. A. pessimism B. optimism

3. A. optimism B. pessimism

4. A. pessimism B. optimism

5. A. optimism B. pessimism

6. A. optimism B. pessimism

An optimistic person knows to distinguish between the fate and success. He believes in his strengths and associates each positive result he gets with his hard work and personal abilities. Even if things do not go well, an optimistic person does not get disappointed but still sets up goals and make dreams.